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Keep the heartbeat of someone you love... forever

Activated Enso

A new way to share your love

Hold Enso in your palm. It senses your heartbeat. You feel the gentle pulse in your hand.

Then the magic happens.

When you give Enso to someone, they will feel your heartbeat in their hand.

Use Enso to say I love you.

Save the heartbeats of people you love... and carry them with you.

How it works

From your newborn child to your aging grandparent, you can keep their heartbeats with you forever.

Save heartbeats that matter to you on your phone via the Enso app.

With one tap, Enso will pulse their heartbeat in the palm of your hand.

Other ways to use Enso

Connect love

Share your heartbeat in real-time with your loved ones from afar. Feel their heartbeat while on a call. Requires two of Enso.

Share love

Capture the heartbeats of all the people you love. Keep them close wherever you go. Save as many heartbeats as you wish.


Connect with your own heartbeat and breath. Use Enso to stay present and relax whenever you need.

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