Enso for parents

Keep your child’s heartbeat


From their first heartbeat…

Imagine capturing your baby’s heartbeat in their first days. Your partner can keep your newborn’s precious heartbeat with them when they travel for work. When maternity or paternity leave ends, you can carry your baby’s heartbeat with you to the office.

…To their first day of school

When your child begins school, you can give them your own heartbeat. They will hold your calm, soothing heartbeat if they feel anxious or sad. Enso makes it seem like you’re right there with them, even when you are apart.

…During their growing pains

When your child begins to stress about relationships and school, Enso can help guide them to a place of calm and ease. Enso will teach your child to tune into their heartbeat, breathe, and relax.

… When they leave the nest

When it’s time for college, you’ll add another Enso to your family: one for your child, and one for you. With two of Enso, you’ll be able to feel each other’s heartbeat, live, in the moment, on your check-in calls. You will feel the comfort and connection of each other’s loving presence from anywhere in the world.

And start their own family

As your child meets the love of their life and starts dreaming of their own family, Enso will be there for the young couple to capture your grandchildren’s first heartbeats and start the cycle anew.

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