Enso for couples


Hold your heart in your hand

Hold Enso in your hand. It senses your heartbeat. You feel the gentle pulse of your heartbeat in your hand, instantly reconnecting you to your body. Beautiful lights glow brighter and dimmer to guide you to breathe deeply and relax. The lights shift colors as your heart rate slows.

Give your heart to your beloved

Enso allows you to give your heartbeat to the person you love. They will feel exactly what you’re feeling in that moment. Sharing your heartbeat helps to deepen connection and intimacy.

Ways to share your heartbeat

You can gift your heartbeat to your partner to say “I Love You.” You may share your heartbeat with your partner to soothe them when they’re feeling down. You may also choose to share your heartbeats during a challenging conversation, as a signal to both of you when it’s wise to engage and when it’s best to take a break.

Sharing in long distance relationships

Enso is a profound gift for a long-distance couple. You may share your heartbeat with each other, live, in the moment, during your daily check-in call. Fall asleep at night holding your love’s heartbeat.

Enso even allows you to save and keep the heartbeat of your beloved. You can carry their love and energy with you throughout your day. Feel the gentle pulse of their heartbeat when you miss them.

Diffuse conflict from the heart

Sharing our heartbeat can improve our relationships, especially during moments of conflict. A 1993 study in the Journal of Family Psychology by John Gottman found a significant correlation between elevated heart rate during conflict and divorce; it suggested that individuals take a break in a conversation and self-soothe if they find that their “heart rates during the discussion become elevated by 10 beats per minute or more.” Holding Enso will help you recognize if you need to pause and return to the conversation when you’re feeling calmer.

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