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Letter from Enso's founder

I created Enso because I needed it to exist. For much of my life, I lived in my head. I wasn’t fully connected to my body and to those I love.

Then I started to meditate. While meditating, I felt my heartbeat. Feeling my heartbeat was calming. It reminded me that I exist, that I matter.

Connecting with myself helped me connect with others. I was more present in my relationships, and they grew deeper.

I wanted to help others experience this heartfelt connection and calm. I gathered a team of engineers and designers from Apple, Fitbit and Intel, and we began to create.

When I gave Enso to someone else for the first time, something unexpected happened: for a few seconds, they held my heartbeat in their hand.

Giving someone my heartbeat — they could feel my heart racing! — changed everything. They handed Enso back to me, and I felt their heartbeat in my hand. Sharing our heartbeats created a deep, authentic connection that awed us. We realized that we wanted to share heartbeats in realtime with loved ones who lived far away. So we made it possible.

Then, one day, my dad was visiting me from out of town; he held Enso and then handed it to me, giving me his heartbeat. And I knew I wanted to save his heartbeat to keep with me even after he left. And then I realized I also wanted to save my mom’s heartbeat, and my boyfriend’s, and my best friend’s. I even wanted to save my own heartbeat to capture the feeling of a particular moment. So we made it possible.

With Enso, you can stay mindful in a natural and effortless way. You can share a heartbeat in realtime across any distance, so that you feel like your family and loved ones are right there with you. And you can save and feel the heartbeat of someone you care about - like your child, best friend or grandmother - and keep it forever.

We’re so excited to offer Enso to you now, so you can experience the magic for yourself.

Rebecca Goldman
Enso Founder and CEO

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